96 Harley Street

A practice case history

Michael, a previously fit and well 28 year-old man, self-referred to the Physiotherapy Clinic at 96 Harley Street with a vertebral disc injury, which had resulted in considerable restriction of movement.

He attended for weekly consultations, and was given manual treatment and remedial and postural exercise protocols by the Physiotherapist. Though he experienced gradual improvement, after four weeks, he was still not walking well enough to return to work.

His inability to return to work resulted in a mild depression, which was noted by the Physiotherapist. On his next visit to 96 Harley Street, Michael chose to be seen by an in-house Psychotherapist, and a course of brief therapy was agreed upon. Over the course of the next six weeks, he was able to discuss his large emotional investment in work and to acknowledge that, prior to his back injury, he had been under immense work pressure - and that the stress of work may even have contributed to his injury.

During a practice networking meeting, the Physiotherapist was able to consult with the Rheumatologist about general medical approaches to vertebral disc injury and to touch on this with Michael at his next appointment

Michael is now back at work and continues to attend monthly supervised appointments at the Physiotherapy Clinic gym. He has an open appointment with the Psychotherapist should work issues resurface and is aware that there is a Rheumatologist available at 96 Harley Street, should medical management become indicated or desirable in future.