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Kevin Davies

Mr K Davies is a leading expert in his field,with over 20 years of experience,he has a memory assessment clinic here at 96 Harley St,he also sees patients who have had strokes,and have parkinsons disease and essesntial tremors.

Dementia is not a disease in its own right, but a progressive and largely irreversible clinical syndrome. Dementia is a range of symptoms that occur as a result of damage or changes to the Brain, characterised by a widespread impairment of mental function. This damage may be due to Disease or natural processes such as ageing.

Although many people with Dementia can retain a positive personality, they can experience some or all of the following as there condition progresses. Memory loss, loss of language,disorientation,changes in personality,difficulties with daily living,self neglect,psychiatric problems,such as apathy,and depression and out of character behaviors such as aggression and sleep disturbances.

An early diagnosis is hugely important as it enables people with dementia to understand their condition, access treatments that could help relieve their symptoms and gives them time to plan for the future. Support following the diagnosis is also vital if people with dementia and their carers are to have the best quality of life possible Mr Davies has recently deployed the CANTABmobile system, developed by Cambridge Cognition, to offer the touch screen-based assessment The assessment helps spot early memory problems, detection of which provides information to be considered when making a diagnosis. While memory problems might have a number of explanations, older people can be concerned that they might be an early sign of dementia The assessment takes the form of a game and is carried out on an iPad. The results are immediately compared to a database of more than 5,000 people, so that an evaluation can be made as to whether a person's memory is 'normal' for their age, gender and level of education.

The results are discussed with the patient We will also Write to the GP with the result.

Kevin Davies


Treating Strokes. Brain-Injury.Dementia.(Alzheimers Disease) lewy bodies,Korsakoffs Syndrome,Parkinsons.essential tremors.

Mr K Davies is a leading expert in his field,with over 20 years of experience,Mr Davies is also a Dementia Care Consultant.

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