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John Rutherford

The PTR Clinic is a physiotherapy practice formed in the firm belief that back pain and other areas of musculo-skeletal dysfunction can be resolved by manual treatment, without the need for surgery. The aim is to deliver expert diagnosis and restore pain-free functional mobility wherever possible.
The Clinic specialises in back pain, muscle weakness, joint injury and stiffness, sports injury, repetitive strain injury, loss of flexibility and all forms of spinal and muscular compromise. To find out more, please contact the practice.

John Rutherford


John Rutherford has been working alongside Exercise Physiologist Giles Webster since 1991, with an emphasis on manual treatment and remedial and postural exercise protocols. He has extensive experience in the field of joint and muscle dysfunction, gained during 25 years of practice in the UK and USA.

He is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Health Professions Council and the American College of Sports Medicine. His therapeutic repertoire includes myo-fascial release, cranio-sacral mobilisation and osteopathy.

Contact Details

To book an appointment call 020 7935 4750
or email info@backpainspecialistslondon.co.uk
For more information visit www.backpainspecialistslondon.co.uk

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